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The music industry is ever changing and the demand for more cost effective mastering is continually growing. That’s why here at Super Audio Mastering, we have decided to start offering varying packages, allowing you to choose the level of service you require. There are no compromises in quality, or customer service but, now you can get a world class master from £40 (+VAT).


Here’s what John Wood has to say about our services:


“For more than 20 years Simon has been my only choice for CD and digital Mastering. Over that period his work for me has included albums for Nick Drake, John Martyn, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Loudon Wainwright and Linda Thompson; in all more than 30 albums.

Not only does Super Audio Mastering offer an extraordinary wide choice of both analogue and digital equipment, this combined with Simon’s musicality and fastidious attention to detail is what makes this my “go to” Mastering facility”


Please choose which Mastering package best suits your needs below, as with all of our services we are happy to work to your specifications.

Remember that we are a bespoke facility and unlike many of the conveyor-belt type Mastering facilities that are in the industry today. We take time, care and attention with everything that we work on and whoever we work with.


There are also a number of optional extras that can be included with any of these packages these include:


  • DDPi (for CD replication) – £65
  • Compiled Masters for Digital with embedded metadata – £5 per track
  • Extra versions (Instrumental, Radio edits etc) – £35 per track
  • Should the mastering process highlight issues in your mix, additional mix submissions will be charged at 65% of your chosen rate per track.
  • Additional Studio Time is charged at £95 per hour.

Basic Mastering Service
£40 Per track (£48 Inc VAT)

What you get:

  • 16bit 44.1kHz file/s delivered to your specifications
  • Predominantly digital processing
  • 1 version
  • Specify your requirements (Loudness etc.)
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Advanced Mastering Service
£65 Per Track (£78 Inc VAT)

What you get:

  • High Resolution audio file/s at your native bit depth and sample rate
  • Multiple versions to choose between
  • 16bit 44.1kHz audio file/s delivered to your specifications
  • Analogue and Digital Processing
  • Specify your requirements (Loudness etc.)
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Full Mastering Service
£85 Per track (£102 Inc VAT)

What you get:

  • 2 levels of critical analysis, from both of our engineers
  • Analogue and Digital Processing
  • High resolution audio file/s
  • 16bit & 24bit file/s delivered to your specifications
  • Multiple Mastered versions to choose from
  • Edited versions (where necessary; these can be comprised of sections of the versions we send you)
  • BWav Export/s with embedded metadata
  • Specify your requirements (Loudness etc.)
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