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Simon Heyworth Mastering

Mastering Engineer - Simon Heyworth

Mixing in 5.1 Surround Sound from Stems or Multitracks

Interleaved & Stem Mastering Options Available

Welcome to the SAM Online Shop


How to use the SAM-lite Online Mastering service


Simply use the Online Mastering Checkout below to set up your order, and the price will be calculated for you as you go (in the total at the bottom). There are no hidden extras as everything is accounted for within the ordering process so you can safely know how much the session will cost before you proceed.


  • The price is £75 per track, for tracks under 6 minutes in length. For this price you will receive 44.1kHz 16bit WAV files & 24bit Reference WAV files, and maybe an ‘Alternative’ too, delivered via WeTransfer.
  • For any additional Masters please leave a note in the box when ordering.
  • For additional mixes (i.e. Radio Edits or Instrumentals which you would like put through the same settings) again, please specify in the notes when ordering.


Remember that we are a bespoke facility, unlike many of the conveyor-belt type Mastering facilities that are in the industry today. We take time, care and attention with everything that we work on and whoever we work with.


The bottom line is, we will never be able to compete with the £25/£30 a track Online Mastering facilities on price but we can assure you that working with us will provide you with a record that will feel ‘finished’ and will actually ‘sound like a record’.

For more information on how the SAM Online Mastering service works please click here.


After your form has been received, we will be in touch to organise payment and invoicing.


Once you have completed your order you will be taken to the WeTransfer upload page automatically.


Please note that if your order is subject to UK VAT this will be automatically calculated by Paypal or your SAM invoice (if paying by BACs).


If you need any assistance during the ordering process please call Simon on +44 (0)1647 432 858 or email him here.

Online Order Form
If you have any queries regarding this form and pricing, please feel free to email us first and discuss any Special Rates that may be available to you.
Please add any extra information that is relevant e.g. Extra versions required, radio edits etc.
How many tracks are you submitting for mastering? PLEASE NOTE: The standard price of £75 is for tracks up to 6 minutes in length.
PLEASE NOTE: Clicking Submit will redirect you to WeTransfer. To avoid confusion please use the same email address you provided on this form. We will contact you regarding invoice details and payment method.

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