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Mixing in 5.1 Surround Sound from Stems or Multitracks

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Welcome to Super Audio Mastering


Simon Heyworth is proud to welcome you to his Audio Mastering facility, Super Audio Mastering (SAM).


Established in 2002, SAM is a World Class, state-of-the-art Mastering facility. We Master albums in Stereo and 5.1 Surround for CD, DVD, (DTS/Dolby Digital), Blu-ray & SACD.



Mastering is the process of having a seasoned professional ear on your music in an acoustically controlled environment.

•  Over 40 Years Of Experience
•  Class A Analogue & High Res Digital Equipment
•  Incredible Attention To Detail
•  We NEVER compromise on quality

A fabulous setting…


Located in the Dartmoor National Park in the South West of England, Super Audio Mastering is housed in a spacious granite-walled roundhouse.


The studio is fully equipped to Master your music, both in Stereo and Surround for CD, DVD, Blu-ray, Online Distribution or SACD.




  • SAM offers unique Mastering packages utilising a wide range of Class A Analogue and High Resolution Digital Equipment combined with a seasoned wealth of knowledge.


  • Mastering in Stereo and 5.1 Surround Sound is supported by Sonic soundBladeHD, Merging Pyramix 6, SonicHD with full NoNoise and Sonoma DSD DAW for Direct Stream Digital.


  • A-D/D-A conversion by DCS, Meitner, Pacific Microsonics Model 1 and Manley.


  • Mixing in 5.1 Surround Sound (from stems or multi-tracks) is supported by Merging Pyramix 6, Logic Pro 9 and TC Electronics System 6000 with Stereo & Surround Dynamics Packages and various specialist plug-ins.


  • Upmixing from Stereo to Surround is supported by TC ‘Unwrap’ and Penteo Surround.


5.1 Mixing News and Reviews


Anthony Phillips – ‘1984’


5.1 Surround Mix and Mastering


Esoteric | ECLEC 32550


Goldmine Magazine – 2016


And so it continues, this painstaking and glorious remastering of the Anthony Phillips back catalog, album-by-album, out-take-by-out-take, and all beautifully bolstered with 5.1 mixes that truly rank among that particular art form’s crowning achievements.


… it’s fascinating to slip from the parent album to the bonus-stacked second disc, and catch the piece in an earlier mix – and then leap from that to disc three’s 5.1 mix, which has to be experienced to be believed…


Anthony Phillips – ‘Sides’


5.1 Surround Mix and Mastering


Esoteric | ECLEC 52510


Record Collector Magazine – 2016


…Superbly packaged, with a craftsman’s care, this four-disc edition has a great 5.1 mix from Simon Heyworth & Andy Miles. Sides remains a great snapshot of Phillips sharpening up, like so many of his peers, in the backwash of punk.