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Masters for Vinyl

Vinyl Mastering

If you plan on releasing your music on Vinyl then you will need to ‘Cut’ a Master Lacquer. This is sent to the Pressing factory. It will be sent directly from the ‘Cutting’ room to the factory to avoid any unwanted interference/damage. As we do not have a cutting lathe here at Super Audio we provide you with an “EQ’d Production Master For Vinyl”.


We have select colleagues that we use to complete our lacquer cutting and they are familiar with cutting from our EQ’d Production Masters.


What Is An EQ’d Production Master for Vinyl?

This is the compiled High Resolution 24bit WAV of your ‘Mastered’ music, split into ‘A’ and ‘B’ Sides. Basically 2 long WAV Files.


Remember that in order to get the best sound on this completely analogue medium you will need to make sure that each side is no more than 20-22 minutes long. This might mean spreading your album across two discs or doing some creative editing to keep the running time down.


You can always get in touch with Andy or Simon if you would like to discuss or need advise on available vinyl sizes and weights.



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