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Super Audio Mastering is proud to be among a handful of approved Mastered For iTunes facilities.


Working with Apple and incorporating specialist Mastering tools into the Super Audio Mastering studio, we are able to ensure that the MFiT specification is adhered to and also test the MFiT encoding (making sure everything sounds as it should) prior to sending the Masters for final processing at Apple.


As Apple explain, “Digital distribution is no longer an afterthought. It is today’s dominant medium for consuming music and as such needs to be treated with utmost care and attention. For decades, the standard for consumer digital audio has been the compact disc, and most mastering has been done with CDs in mind. In recent years the quality of digital music delivery has vastly increased, as has the number of digital music sales, with iTunes being a key driver of those sales…”


“To take best advantage of our latest encoders send us the highest resolution master file possible, appropriate to the medium and the project. An ideal master will have 24-bit 96kHz resolution. These files contain more detail from which our encoders can create more accurate encodes. However, any resolution above 16-bit 44.1kHz, including sample rates of 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, and 192kHz, will benefit from our encoding process”.


What Is It?

Using the iTunes bespoke/flagship codec ‘AAC’, developed with the Fraunhofer Institute, iTunes offers higher fidelity audio with low file sizes (compared to their standard iTunes service).


Using their new 2 step encoding process Apple are able to offer a higher quality encode from a higher resolution file, whereas traditionally encoding from 44.1kHz 16bit (CD quality) audio.


This is a leap forward in terms of audio quality on iTunes and a perfect way to begin stepping into the world of High Resolution Audio.


So what you will receive from us is…

  • Mastered 44.1kHz 24bit WAV files.
  • MFiT Clip Log – This is text document that shows all the relevant. files have passed verification and meet with Apple’s strict guidelines.
  • CHECKSUM.md5 – This is a digital fingerprint of all the files. This enables you and the distributor to verify that no data has corrupted during transport.


For more information on Mastered For iTunes or other High Resolution Audio services offered at SAM email Simon and Andy here.

Mastered For iTunes

Mastered For iTunes


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