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What Is An ISRC?


An International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is an internationally recognised system of identifying recorded music tracks and music videos.


By adding ISRC’s to each recorded music track (or music video), you ensure that you will receive more accurate payments. This way royalties accrued online or via radio play etc can be identified and recouped more easily.


ISRC’s are made up of 12 characters and split into four sections:


  • The first two characters identify the country where the member is based (eg, ‘UK’ represents ‘United Kingdom’).


  • The next three characters identify the recording rights-holder. They are specific to you as the rights holder.


  • The next two characters identify the year in which the specific recording was given an ISRC.


  • The last five characters are the choice of the rights-holder when allocating recordings with an ISRC. These characters are always numbers. The easiest way to organise this section of the code is to give the first recording ‘00001’, the second ‘00002’, etc. The sequence can be reset to ‘00001’ when a new year of reference is applicable.


You can request ISRC’s by registering with your local music licensing body. In the UK that will be through the PPL.


For more information on ISRC’s and further information on non-UK licensing bodies visit the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) website.



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